From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between

Post by Alysa
This book is excellent. It is superior in its sphere. It's plot type is age old and has been done a million times and in a million different ways -- which is why I was so surprised that I loved it so well.

You know the story. "We're going to a new school and we have to fit in, but really we should just be ourselves." But what you've never heard before (that this book gives you) is the most clear look at what motivates this story. In a book done poorly, you ask the main character "Why are you even trying to fit in with the popular crowd?" and the whole time you are thinking "Stop acting so stupidly. You're embarrassing us all." Not the case with this book!

Elizabeth Atkinson has managed to get us inside Alice's head so well that we care about a story we've heard a million times before. Oh, certainly the story has its own unique bits and pieces, Zen being one of the most wacky. But the beauty of the book is that it works. It is so, so well done. I hope it never (ever) gets made into a movie. It would be a terrible one. But, man! It's a great book.

Read and enjoy! From Alice to Zen and Everyone in Between by Elizabeth Atkinson.

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