My Dad's a Birdman

This book in a word: lovely. It is very high on my list of favorites from this year. I recommend it unreservedly to anyone. Can't read yet? I bet you'd still like it. Just get someone to read it to you! You'll love the pictures! (Though, if you can't read, I'm not quite sure how you're going to get this opinion...) And I think this is a book that is very accessible. You wouldn't be embarrassed to be seen with if you were older, and you'd be able to handle it if you were younger.

But yes! The illustrations are lovely. The writing is beautiful! The themes exquisite! It is such an enjoyable little gem! Short and sweet and it leaves you thinking about lots of things. What happened before? What will happen next? What does it mean to follow your dreams? What exceptions should be made in our world of rules?

Oh, you want a little plot summary? Hmm... I hate to say too much. Lizzie's dad is entering The Great Human Bird Competition that is coming up soon! But not everyone thinks that trying to fly across the river is a good idea, even if the prize is a thousand pounds. (Oh yeah, it's set in Britain.)

Loved it! Must read! My Dad's a Birdman by David Almond

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