Hailey Twitch Is Not a Snitch

A new and promising beginning of a series for young readers from Lauren Barnholdt. I liked it so much, I've already loaned my copy to a friend for her young daughter to read. The author really got into the 7-year-old mentality with this one. I wish I still had the copy on hand to insert a few quotes here. Hailey Twitch is a fun and spunky heroine who's had the unfortunate bad luck of being paired with a rule-loving, boring-pencil-using (no sparkles!) classmate for a school project. Just as she's about to have a major tantrum on the subject, Maybelle, a magical sprite, appears in her bedroom. Maybelle's on probation with the Ministry of Magic, because she's not "fun" enough to be a sprite. Her mission is to prove her fun-ness and help Hailey in the process. Unfortunately, everything she does to "help" lands Hailey in trouble. Poor Hailey must take the blame, because Hailey Twitch is not a snitch!

The writing, the story, and the illustrations were all clever, very charming. I had a number of laugh-out-loud moments and even had to read some parts aloud to my husband. Definitely recommend this one to any young 1st- to 3rd-grade reader.

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