Picture the Dead

When Jennie loses her twin brother, a Civil War soldier in a distant camp, she immediately feels his presence and knows that he has died. When word comes soon after of the death of her fiance, Will, also a soldier, she wonders how she can go on. But it soon becomes apparent that there is more to Will's death than the simple military telegram would suggest. With the help of a spiritualist photographer and Jennie's own carefully detailed scrapbook, she is able to piece together the true story of the passing of her beloved.

Part graphic novel, Picture the Dead is peppered with fabulous illustrations. The story itself is a puzzle, the ending of which is not obvious until the moment it is revealed. Loved the character development of Jennie---I felt like I was developing in my perception of the other characters right along with her. Enjoyed the story. Cool illustrations. Glad it wasn't predictable. Fun and informative read, both. Two thumbs up!

If you want a chance to win a copy of this book, or of another spiritualist-movement-themed YA novel, We Hear the Dead, leave a comment here answering one of the following questions: Do you believe that communication with the dead is possible? Have you ever felt the presence of someone who was not physically present?
Twenty-five copies of each book will be given away to fifty commenters. You can specify which one you want, or they'll pick for you. I haven't read the other, but I do recommend Picture the Dead. Contest ends June 15th. Fun read!

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