Project Sweet Life

Short review today. I just had two cavities filled, and the aching jaw isn't inspiring my verbosity.

But this was a totally, totally fun book. I loved it. The premise just tickled my funny bone, and even before I read it, I knew I would love it. Three 15-year-old boys, best friends, are ordered by their fathers, also best friends, to get summer jobs. But what the heck? It's supposed to be their last summer of freedom, the summer before they have to start working. Everyone knows that once you start working, you will never stop---not until you turn 60 or die. So Dave, Victor, and Curtis have a plan: they will simply make the money all at once that they would've made by working all summer, and then spend the rest of the summer chilling---living the sweet life. All they have to do is fool their parents into thinking they're actually working, and then come up with some scheme to make $7000 for them to split three ways. Totally easy, right? As one foolproof plan after another falls hilariously to pieces, the boys realize that making money requires hard work no matter how you go about it, and that friendship, loyalty, and integrity are qualities that no amount of money can buy.

This book was squeaky clean. No language, and no raging male hormones, two things that are probably unrealistic in their non-presence. But what the hay. I for one appreciate them not being the focus or the delivery machine of a book's plot for once. Just good, clean fun. Definitely more of a plot-driven than character-driven story. Awesome book to get into the summer spirit with.

(Hmmm ... I guess the aching jaw didn't dampen my verbosity after all!)

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  1. Ashley,
    I am not going to be able to keep up with all of your books! How do you gals read so much with your kiddos running around? Thanks so much for the blog and the reviews. Picking out a book to read is much easier when someone else has already told you what book to get!


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