the turning

... what curiosity kills

I loved:
the conversation. It's fast and furious and flippant and fun.
the relationship that Mary and Octavia have with their parents.
the voice of it. Passages like:

Kathryn Ann was forty-four when she had Marjorie and Mags. Long story short: She built herself a career and then remembered she wanted kids. But her ovaries were like, What?

crack me up.

I didn't love:
the awkwardness of some of the story elements. It's just not very tidy. Several things about it feel too patched-together. Like when Nick suddenly leeches onto Mary. I thought that whole destined-for-you romance was too forced, too sudden, too weird. And Ling Ling's whole lip-syncing for Grandpa in a tank top ... what was that all about? There were just weird, sudden, patchy things about the story.

All in all, too teen-ish, trying-too-hard-to-be-the-next-Bella-and-Edward feeling in the romance department. Too fast and too unfinished. But some things I did like. That's my take.

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