All-of-a-Kind Family

Post by Ashley
From reviews I'd read, this book was exactly what I'd expected: a sweet, easy-going read. And in not saying much more about it, I am saying more about it, in that there's not much more to be said. It's basically a collection of vignettes about a happy Jewish family comprised of five carefree and well-behaved little girls and their parents, living in NYC in the late 1800s. The girls aren't without personality, but the book is without any real angst. Indeed, the greatest angst to be encountered in the entire book is the afternoon when one little girl refuses to eat her soup and must go to school with an empty tummy. It's a nice period piece, and I was charmed by it. I especially liked the descriptions of traditions surrounding the Jewish holidays, since I haven't had occasion in my life to learn much about them. I recommend the book for a rainy day when you're feeling wistful.

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