The Well of Ascension

The Well of Ascension by Brandon Sanderson

This is the sequel to Mistborn: The Final Empire. It's the second in a trilogy. So...what can I really say? No matter how good the second in a trilogy is, it's never as satisfying as the first and the third! That's just the nature of trilogies.

Still, Sanderson did a great job. Jacob says that Sanderson is the best at crazy twists that you never saw coming but that work perfectly. I can see where he's coming from on that -- there have certainly been some jaw-droppers.

Anyway, happily, I'm on to the third book now. :D

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  1. No spoilers! >_< *hands over ears* I'm holding off on the next two after Mistborn for my eighteen hour flight when I go to Thailand next month. (but don't tell anyone! It's supposed to be a surprise). I'm so glad you're loving this series. Do you want a signed copy of this? I'm seeing him on Saturday.


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