Okay, this one was SO good! I love Laini Taylor and her books (of which this is the second). They're so intriguing and fantastical.

In this one, we follow Whisper Silksinger on her quest to protect the Azazel. She, however, is not so gutsy as Magpie Windwitch, and so she's going to need some help. And does she ever get it! A whole crew of creatures from fairies to hobgoblins and dragonflies and even some familiar faces from the prequel, Blackbringer.

Fantastic. Once again, just the right amount of adventure and danger and *sigh* romance. And, of course, fantastic descriptions and super-diabolical villains!

I hope you all don't hate me for reviewing it so soon -- it's not coming out until September. But Blackbringer will be in paperback on May 14th! I'm planning on wearing my awesome Rathersting tattoos that day. :D

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