Wren to the Rescue series

Posted by Ashley
I just finished the third book in the "Wren" trilogy by Sherwood Smith (Wren to the Rescue, Wren's Quest, Wren's War). Ms. Smith wrote one of my favorite books---Crown Duel---so I feel predisposed to like everything else she writes. This series didn't really do it for me, though. Granted they are some of the first books she published, so I guess she's improved with time. I greatly enjoyed one of her newest books, A Posse of Princesses, for instance. In any case, these books were geared toward a juvenile audience, which may be what made my interest lag. Usually when I start such a short book, I finish it within a day or two. These took me the full library check-out time (and more---oops) each. They just didn't grip me. I wasn't surprised or charmed or pulled in. Oh well. There were fun moments and some good action and a solid overarching storyline that pulled the trilogy together nicely, which is why I did read all three. A younger audience of middle-grade readers might enjoy them, but even so, the series to me was somewhat forgettable.
So, on to the next! :)


  1. Have you read Stranger to Command yet? It is excellent, and is a prequel to Crown Duel.

  2. I haven't! I've been dying to, though. I looked it up on Amazon, and it looked like the cheapest copy was like $30 or something ridiculous, like it was a limited distribution or something. I'll just have to keep hoping it'll come to my library ...


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