The Luxe

The Luxe by Anna Godbersen

Meh. I couldn't like it. Very intriguing start, but it fizzled for me. I ended up skimming. And by skimming I mean going from pages 122 to 433 in about 20 minutes. In all fairness, though, here are some links to people who did, mostly. Bookshelves of doom; Squeaky Books.

Yes, all the covers in the series are gorgeous like this one.

I guess it was mostly because I couldn't like any of the characters. I found them all quite frustrating. I mean, Elizabeth had no confidant! It would drive me insane, literally, truly insane to have to wear a mask all the time. So I couldn't believe in her. Also everyone was very lusty. Lots of lustiness. I can enjoy romance, but this one was too soap-opera for me.

The plot turned out just like I thought it would -- and yet I had to know. So I skimmed. And read spoilery internet stuff. And even now I keep randomly opening it, to catch little details. So, yeah. It is what it is.

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  1. Thanks. I kept finding myself drawn in by the beautiful covers. Somehow knowing the books would be disappointing, I was hoping to hear from someone about them.


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