Jenni Holm report

A couple of Fridays ago, the Champaign library was visited by a legend. . . Babymouse, Dragonslayer!!!

Oh, yeah. And author Jenni Holm. As pictured below, she is instructing two worried parents that they will be competing in a Babymouse draw-off!

You're gonna want to click to enlarge this one. It's a picture of the authoress drawing something special for the Champaign library. That's right... it's the library being attacked by a giant zombie squid! Babymouse is there to save the day.

Jenni did all kinds of fun things -- this is a picture of all the kids coming up to tell her what she should draw. She also brought kids up to draw, and sing, and dance, and talk on the phone with her brother. Some lucky kids even won Babymouse t-shirts. :) Cool!

But the coolest part, in my opinion, was that she remembered us from last year! As everyone was filing in, she said, "I know that mom and that baby!" She came over and gave us a hug, and smiled at Benjamin, which scared him. Babies have inscrutable instincts for these kinds of things, so I think we may have all been taken in by a giant squid in Jenni's clothing, but I can't be sure.


  1. Alysa, I swear you have the most amazing library. Too cool. Thanks for sharing. :)

  2. And Babymouse LOVED the card you gave her! Thank-you so much.


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