Monday, October 20, 2008

Shannon Hale a.k.a. Reader Girl

Shannon Hale (author of many fab books including favorite Rapunzel's Revenge) has a fun piece about her personal reading journey up at School Library Journal. Enjoy!

I've had some similar experiences, but (thankfully) to a lesser degree. Oh, Shannon how I love thee:
I adored the intoxicating discussions, the unraveling of poetry, the sweet little A's at the tops of my essays. (Let's pretend they were all A's. There's no reason to become slaves to detail here.) . . .

Steinbeck was like trudging through mud to get to an ice cream stand that exploded and burned just as I arrived. I couldn't understand why I was supposed to care about Hemingway characters who spent forty pages drinking and fishing. I still haven't recovered from The Scarlet Letter. . .

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  1. This reminds me of the first few paragraphs of "The Age of the Essay"by Paul Graham


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