Guest Review: Noman

For today's guest review Ashley Bair is back! She has this to say about her latest read:

by William Nicholson

Noman is the final book in the Noble Warriors trilogy, begun with Seeker and Jango. As I read the first two books, I couldn’t put my finger on why they had me so captivated. What was it about Seeker, Morning Star, and Wildman that had me so enamored with their stories, aside from their fabulous characterization and ever-evolving personalities? On the surface, there’s the obvious love triangle, and I always enjoy watching that kind of tangle unfold itself into a happy ending. But this series was so much more than that. And in Noman, the captivation comes clear.

The trilogy is a story of religious beliefs, of pointless fanaticism, of god-making, of manipulation, of greed, and of power in all its forms—good, bad, and in-between. Through a twisting and fantastical tale, William Nicholson tackles cosmic and universal questions: What is God? How can there be so many different versions of the same higher power? How much of what people believe is manmade—their own wishful thinking driven by the mentality of the masses? And how is any one person ever to find real, genuine Truth?

Ultimately, in reading, we discover alongside the characters the complexities the world has used to cage the answer. And in the end, the author gives us the key to open the cage and release the simple, obvious, and so true-to-life answer. This is a great read.

~Ashley Bair

Sounds intriguing! Am I right in labeling it YA fiction and fantasy, Ashley?

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