Two Princely Books

East by Edith Pattou -- This book's protagonist is Rose, a farmer's daughter from Njord. When an enormous, enchanted white bear comes to the door life is never the same again. Rose must find a way to free the bear from his enchantment -- and it's no easy task.

I enjoyed this fairy tale thouroughly. It's on the longish side, but the twist in the middle was fantastic. I liked that it was an original story with great characters. The villain is just the right amount of creepy. I liked Rose's determination and the love that her family has for her. Dislikes: cheesy bear poetry. I could do without it, but I've read a review that sites it as a favorite. I also would have liked to get to know the prince (who made our list) a bit better.

The Princess and the Hound by Mette Ivie Harrison -- This book's protagonist is Prince George. Prince George's world is one where those with the ability to communicate with animals, a.k.a. "animal magic," are feared and persecuted. When George learns that his bride-to-be keeps a wild hound for company all kinds of personal and political decisions have got to be made.

WHAT?! A book from the Prince's perspective? That's right. I thought it was awesome. Don't you wonder what the prince is thinking sometimes? And the princess's story could be just as intriguing -- but I like that we got George's version. I also liked exploring all the relationships in the book. George's relationships with his parents and tutor affect how he makes his decisions when it comes to Princess Beatrice and her father. And Prince George is very honorable. swoon. I'm glad he made our list of Favorite Princes in Print.

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