The Outsiders

So I finally read The Outsiders by S.E. Hinton. It's very famous, and I can see why. The book looks into the world of the Curtis boys -- kind of a West Side Story thing, without the whole Tony and Maria thing. And with all kinds of other interesting stuff.

The writing is poignant and interesting. I was hooked from the beginning. It is a short book, but it's a page-turner. The characters are multidimensional and very real. Heck, you know its good if it has been a success for this long (over 40 years) with a main character by the name of Ponyboy. That could ruin a lesser novel. Also amazing: the author was 16 when it was written.


  1. Do you recommend it to read aloud or to give to teenagers?

  2. Yes, both.

    Holly did it with her 6th graders, and they loved it.

    Also, it would be suitable to read aloud. There is swearing, without swearing. Like, "he cursed." and such. That was nice. It wouldn't be real without swearing, but wouldn't be appropriate with it. Good compromise.


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