Youth Literature Festival

I can't believe I made it to today without hearing about the Youth Literature Festival that UIUC is putting on tomorrow. Lucky for me I had a book due at the library and I picked up the little publication on the children's reference desk. Phew, close call. I feel so out of touch.

I'm really excited for it, though! All kinds of authors will be there! Well, all kinds of kids authors anyway, and where authors are officially, authors are unofficially. I'm probably most excited to see Jennifer Holm, who wrote the excellent historical fiction Our Only May Amelia, the what-category-does-this-fall-into Middle School is Worse than Meatloaf and co-authors the rockin' Babymouse series. There are many other exciting events as well: storytelling, puppet shows, movies, live music, authors speaking and so on. I can't attend the whole day (drat!) because it happens to be on the same day as General Conference, but I'll give you the report!

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