Report from the Youth Literature Festival

We had such fun! The weather was fine and the festival was fab. We started off hearing Jennifer Holm speak. She did an excellent job being personable and entertaining and informative all at once -- with a sore throat. And she was wearing the cutest set of Babymouse ears! I tried to get a picture, but it came out pretty dark:

She told us all kinds of awesome stuff about how she used to make Huggies commercials (and wishes that she still did, now that she has 2 kids and could use the free diapers!) and about what it took to write the books she's written. For instance she storyboards each Babymouse book and then sends it to her brother, Matt Holm for the art and his two cents.

She also conducted an awesome Babymouse "Draw-off" -- kinda like a shootout, but two audience participants had pens instead of pistols when she said "Draw!" And she did some original Babymouse art herself -- Benjamin was cute enough that Babymouse wanted to welcome him to the world (but she doesn't like dirty diapers):

We also enjoyed a presentation by Cynthia Leitich Smith, hearing some yearns spun by Dan Keding (who incorporated guitar into his awesome storytelling) and Kathe Brinkmann (don't let the Bellybutton Monster get you!). There was fantastic music by various bands and orchestras and a free raffle with awesome prizes. Benjamin won Babymouse: Queen of the World! We're not going to let him have it until his saliva slows down a little bit though.

One last fun thing: Jenni Holm said I should get in touch with her and Matt for an interview. Once I drum up some questions, you can look forward to that. What would you like to know about them/their books? Leave questions in the comments. For a fun interview of Jenni that Shannon Hale did, check here.

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