A Few Things

1. So I went to those book sales I mentioned. The first one was amazin'! -- no book was more than $1 and they had tons of great selection and a kidlit smorgasboard! Jacob and I came away with 9 good books for $4.75! The second one, at the University, meh. The books were still super cheap (none more than $3 or $4), but I wasn't thrilled with the selection. I didn't find anything I was interested in. But that's okay, because. . .

2. The Cybils are awesome. Today I got four books in the mail! For free! To keep! Just because the publishers want me to read them, so that I can help select good ones for the shortlist! To date I've read 18 nominees and choosing only a few for the shortlist is going to be really hard. It's a good thing I get free books to make up for how hard it's going to be. :) I told you the Cybils are awesome. You can watch my Cybils stats in the sidebar.

3. Speaking of the sidebar, you may notice some new labels popping up over there. I've decided that since I know who checks out Everead, I can make some personalized recommendations. For instance I think my brother Micah will love The Hunger Games (well, I think a lot of you will, but I want to make sure he knows I think he should read it) so I tagged it "Micah's list." As I continue doing this I hope that even if I don't make a list just for you, you'll find a list you like. The whole goal here is to connect you with books. And to yammer about them.

4. One more thing: What do you think about a "Cool Quote of the Moment" archive? I've been saving the ones I've put up, but I could create a post that is a repository for them. I mention this because I just found a fab quote, but the awesome one that is up has not been up for very long. So, yea or nay on the archive?

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