Interview: Jennifer and Matthew Holm

You've seen the Mad-lib. Now it's time for the true madness to begin! Bwahahaha! It's an exclusive interview of artist Matthew Holm (in green) and his sister and award winning author Jennifer Holm (in purple)!

So. Let us begin with the obligatory but always interesting "What books and projects are coming next from you?"

Next out to the public (in January 2009) is Babymouse: The Musical! Fun, frolic, and Fosse routines, all done in pink.

What is the best and worst of working with your sibling?

Matt "crashed" on my IKEA couch in my studio apartment in NYC for several months at one point. I always say that if we survived that, we can survive just about anything.

Best: She's incredibly easy to work with, and we have a common repository of childhood experiences and favorite books that help form our creative sensibility.

Worst: She took all of the Peanuts books from our parents' house!

Jenni - In a Q&A on your website, you state that The Empire Strikes Back is one of your favorite movies. I'm a fan as well; but, of the original three Star Wars movies it is my least favorite. Why do you like it particularly?

I just have to interject: Philistine! Sorry. Carry on. (Actually, the original Star Wars--now referred to as Episode IV--is my favorite, on sentimental grounds, although ESB is clearly a better film on most measures: writing, directing, acting.)

It's the tightest story-telling of the three and shows the characters as real multidimensional human beings. And, there's no Ewoks in it.

Matt – You've said, "What do I do? I sit around and draw pictures of mice all day." When you're not drawing mice, which I guess would have to be at night, how do you fill your time?

I fill my time with another entire job (designing and buiding Web sites), walking the dog, and cooking. Oh, yes, and a small amount of sleeping. Far too small an amount. I occasionally fit in time to watch Project Runway or America's Next Top Model with my wife (former costume designer), and, even less occasionally, force her to sit through an episode of Stargate.

What book are you reading right now?

She by H. Rider Haggard. He's the guy who wrote King Solomon's Mines and created the Allan Quatermain character back in the late 19th century.

I am currently reading a graphic novel called CANCER VIXEN which is surprisingly funny for such a downer of a topic like breast cancer. The collected strips of LITTLE ORPHAN ANNIE. I'm also re-reading my beloved GOON collection (graphic novels). I >heart< The Goon.

What is one of your favorite pieces of trivia?

Charles Schulz hated the name Peanuts. It was assigned to the comic strip by his syndicate. So whenever anyone asked him what he did, he told them he drew "that comic strip about Charlie Brown and Snoopy."

For many years I thought my middle name was "Fer" as in Jenni Fer Holm (I am, in fact, Jennifer Louise Holm.)

What question have you not been asked in an interview, but think you should be asked? (Both the question and the answer, if you like)

Question should have been asked: "What is your opinion of hedgehogs?" Answer: I think they are quite cute, actually.

Q: Did you read anything other than comics as a kid?
A: Yes. I also read heaps and heaps of cheesy fantasy and sci-fi. Unfortunately, I still do.

Thanks for that awesome interview, you two! Keep up the great work!

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